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O noobelius -- this is your "hero rises" exhibition

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20th 2018 China (guangzhou) international building decoration fair in guangzhou pazhou international exhibition center was held yesterday, it is the largest and most influential in the field of Chinese building decoration industry event, it is to cover "of" the whole industrial chain of "cross-border custom home" the unique style of "provide a complete solution for architectural decoration industry", is worthy of "champion enterprise debut platform". O noovois holds the idea of "connecting the world in an instant", waiting for your arrival. The theme of this exhibition is "rise of heroes".



Time of exhibition: 07-08-11

Number of booth: no. 38, hall 4.1



"This heroic rising exhibition belongs to you. Calm down and let's go!!!






Big brands are coming together

As early as July 2015, guangzhou construction fair has achieved a brilliant success, providing complete solutions for the architectural decoration industry with its unique style of "cross-border customized home furnishing" covering the "whole industrial chain". At the exhibition site, many well-known brands have launched new products and strategies, displayed new designs and technologies, and held large-scale enterprise activities. With the successful preparation of previous sessions, this exhibition will bring a new visual feast in terms of scale, function, highlights and creativity.


Ouuovous - "dark hinge standard drafting unit", ouuovous with its mature system, advanced production technology, and excellent research and development capabilities, in this exhibition with a blockbuster, the first day waiting for the arrival of many heroes.





Heroes are good weapons

No customization, no home furnishing, this is the market demand of the whole house customization industry, and it is also the era of this industry. European nobelium, designed for custom household enterprises solve hardware pain points, think what you think, to custom as the main line, using the sense of space design, tie-in and different types of products, to provide functional and design concept of whole house fast loading (remember pace on an article at "o nobelium rapid installation of artifact, it is the hinge of good partner! "), come perfect the whole space collocation scheme of domestic outfit.

It's it, it's it, it's it!



O noovois has been adhering to the concept of "connecting the world in an instant", creating a world-class gift for the vast number of consumers. This gift will link into every family and bring more joy to every family. In the scene obelius for the various heroes of the various forms of weapons, for your selection.

Hero chain - steel hero from life

King of the field - thick door hinge series

512-d90 hinge series - hinge for narrow side panels

512R-90 hinge series - semi - arch hinge

Because we are good men, good men skills, must match the hero's good weapon, together in this whole room customization hot times - hero rising!





Smart upgrade, the future has come

Future has come, after years of grinding, "smart" has gradually become the core theme of modern life, our lives are intelligent, smart home is one of the intelligent development trend, even in the Internet, the Internet of things under the big trend of intelligent household space is more and more obvious, intelligent kitchen, bedroom, sitting room space such as integration, forming the intelligent household. In the last Shanghai exhibition, ovois not only showed new products of hinge, but also launched the most advanced power track in the world. The new products were liked by the vast number of dealers and consumers after their appearance. It has beautiful appearance, independent personality, safety, convenience and other advantages. So you don't have to worry about getting the electricity.






Ovoovois -- custom-built robots

Remember the robots at guangzhou in March and Shanghai in May? If you are a big fan of iron man, and if you are a big fan of transformers, you should be patient with it

There are all kinds of heroic models waiting for you to find...

Waiting for you!